Born and raised in Vt and came to San Diego while serving in the Navy. I entered the service at 17, after dropping out of High School, and served 10 years, when I decided to see what civilian life was all about. I stayed in SD because, as a serviceman, I was considered a resident and qualified to attend a State University which was cheaper then a University back east. I got my GED before leaving the Navy, then a HS diploma at night school. I completed my lower division work at a local JC then, in 1972 I received a degree in Nursing from SDSU.

I'd planned on returning home but just kept putting it off until I realized I was home.

I'm a photographer, my work can be seen on the Spreckels Organ Society's website, where I worked as the official photographer for several years. I'm also a musician, of sorts. A friend recorded me playing in France and posted it on Youtube. Now I am becoming a gardener, of sorts.
Nov 13, 1939 (Age: 80)
San Diego
United States
Hardiness Zone
RN retired