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    Ivy Roots in floor of kitchen

    Sever. Cut the plant as close as possible to the root sourse. Then get rid of the roots.
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    Is my tree slowly dieing?

    Sadly YES. Your tree is rotting away. Looking at the base of the tree. The rot has eaten away more than half the diameter of the trunk. Take some cuttings (arial cuttings or grafts) If possible, provide some kind of support to the trunk. The tree could last a few more years yet, but there...
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    Boston Ivy

    YES. However this is a rampant grower and it will readilly root at leaf nodes, once coming into contact with any type of soil.
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    New greenhouse - - soil question

    Briefly. Containers. I presume you refer here to. Seed trays. Flower pots. Planters including hanging baskets. Soil for each. Seed trays. You can mix your own soil using for instance published data of, JI=John Innes seed compost. Easier and often so much cheaper, various composts can be...
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    Fingers on Buzzers.

    Forget it.
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    Fingers on Buzzers.

    Thank you for the warning.
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    Fingers on Buzzers.

    Apologies for the odd title, but I hope you will get my drift. This is a gardening forum, and we have members from across the world. So! at times ourlanguages, chit chat may be a bit of a problem. However. Sad to say. I selected to ignore a certain member. Why? IMO he/she is over...
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    Excuse me. Is this message directed at me or 28 garden?
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    Sorry. But I feel like a child lost in the wilderness.

    Sorry folks. I am lost. Lets forgo academic qualifications and all of that but. Here we have an online gardening forum. Yes membership is worldwide. Thankfully our shared interest is plants. I note that in the computerworld, language here is listed as. US/English. Wowee! brits call it...
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    Hello, new member

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    What plants remind you of your childhood?

    Wallflowers. The scent is unforgettable.
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    What music are you listening to?

    The power of love, sung by Jennifer Rush is agood one. Very powerful voice.
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    Hi I am new here

    Welcome to the forum.