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    rototiller tines

    I have never sharped mine and the matching is at least 30 years old. It will go through anything even rocks don't bother it.
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    Oakleaf Hydrangea

    We never get flowers. The deer love the bush and chew it every year. Not even a wire fence stops them.
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    Flower Pouch Growing Bags

    Yes, they work great but take a while to fill if you are doing a lot of them. Got them off Amazon I think. If you buy them in quantity they are cheaper.
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    The shed.

    A metal roof is the way to go but at my age I don't expect to see another 30 years or for that matter 20 years so I would use the cheapest best product that I could find. But that doesn't mean putting junk on. The most important thing for me is how the roof looks. If it looks great but takes an...
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    Chain sawing wet conifer roots.

    A chainsaw is not the tool to use because the dirt will dull it in a few minutes and it will not cut. As suggested a reciprocating saw the way to go. It will cut through anything including steel but not rock. You may not think that you will ever use it again but I still use mine which I bought...
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    The shed.

    Why are you against shingles?
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    Blueberry knowledge

    You would be better off planting them in large pots and put the pots in the ground. It will be much easier to keep the soil in the pots adjusted to where it needs to be. If not chances are that they will never look like they do when you buy them.
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    Curb side picked this mower up.

    I found one last year that you could hardly pull the rope out. They had overfilled the oil. I drained it, cleaned the plug and it started right up. I love the curb!
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    A good day garbage picking

    Saddam wouldn't be happier! I bought a gas cap and have gone through a huge pile of brush. I just bought a new house that I'm working on and part of the yard was let go for years. In order to cut it down, I'm using a weed wacker with a hedge blade on it. Once I get the stuff down I have been...
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    What to do with my potted plants in the winter

    Being in a pot they don't have the ground to keep them warm. So you have two problems. First is that the plant may die and second that the pot may break. Without taking them in you really don't have many options. You could try insulating them with rolled insulation or burying them in a large...
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    Lightweight concrete recipe for raised beds!

    Depending on what you want to plant concrete may not work for you. It can cause the soil to become alkaline. This would be a problem with some plants that are acid lovers.
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    Hummingbird Perennial Suggestions

    I get them on bee balm
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    Are leaf blowers ban in USA?

    The important thing is to get something that will do the job 100% of the time. If it's too small or underpowered then when you need it won't be up to the task. If it's not up to the task then you have thrown your money away because you could have done the easy stuff by hand.
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    What to do under this tree

    Depending on how much sun you have sedum or succulents would be nice and they comes in a lot of different varieties
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    Are leaf blowers ban in USA?

    I like the Echo brand. I've had mine for over 15 years and never had a problem with it. Husqvarna makes a good one too.