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    First-time potatoe grower questions

    Zvonko, If/when you are seeing new potatoes on the surface you need more dirt and conversely if you don't see them exposed you're ok. You get better production by keeping them completely covered as well as avoiding the problems with them turning green (unhealthy to you ) from chlorophyll. I...
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    First-time potatoe grower questions

    Greetings. You will get more informed answers to your questions if you include your growing zone information. 1. Soil is preferable but straw will help if no soil. The new potato grows above the seed potato and the hilling is required to protect the new potato from direct sunlight. 2. New...
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    Today's Pickings

    Just about every day now the garden yields peppers, cucumbers and tomatoes...and this will continue for a few weeks. But the highlite today has to be the bingo beans. After experimenting last year with these big, creamy, red streaked beans, they graduated past experimental to production...
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    What variety of indeterminate tomatoes? Heirloom?

    May I suggest you check out this one: The so called BBS carries them here, they are an indeterminate, highly disease resistant, and very productive. They are my go to tomato. When the side shoots get out two or three feet, I...
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    What did you do in your garden today?

    I'm going to have to find a couple of those tree azaleas...very nice.
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    Hello from Albuquerque!

    Your hobbies fit well with your desired lifestyle. Living the "simple" life is very satisfying and well worth the effort.
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    Herbicide Threat?

    The only way one can be completely safe is to trust only what you personally have first hand knowledge of. That is very difficult to do...unless you live out in the country where you can create your own. A lot of people recommend mushroom compost. I made an exception one year when I broke my...
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    When you live in town, have only.......

    You can grow a lot of food for both on that size.
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    Hello from Milwaukee

    Welcome. A suggestion: You might want to move those potato bags to where they get full sun. Full sun is much better.
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    Why remove grass for a berm?

    Yes, that is exactly what I would do...put the dirt on top of the grass where you want the berm.
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    Too wet to plow

    I feel your pain! I've gone through periods where the ground is just too wet to even get in the garden to pick stuff. Not much you can do after the fact but optimizing your drainage in advance can really help.
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    Miracle Gro Shake 'N Feed All Purpose, is it organic?

    Oneeye, Have you ever used alfalfa as a cover crop in the garden? Seems like it would be a natural. I found some seed for a variety of alfalfa that does well "supposedly" even in hot weather. Going to seed a row in the garden to see how it performs. I agree w/you it is a great slow release...
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    Raised bed help

    N Poison ivy is a very persistent plant. The roots are arguably the most dangerous because they will get you if you handle them and/or burn them and accidently inhale the smoke. Very unpleasant and can be serious.
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    Help with hay bale gardening - mold and temperature questions

    Welcome! That's a novel way to use old hay. I wouldn't worry at all about the hay mold. Nor would I worry about the food grown in it. You will be fine. Your plants may need a little N2 boost along the way as the decomposition of the hay may take some from the soil. The reason the temps are up...
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    Today's Pickings

    Getting overwhelmed now with cucumbers. We made some dill pickles today from "Grandma's Dill Pickles" recipe which was recommended by a friend. Time will tell.