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    Frontyard appeal landscaping - HELP!

    Hello. I agree with what YumYum said on soil chemistry. If you would like more ideas, I actually wrote a post about curb appeal on my blog a while back. I would especially recommend getting a few potted plants for the porch or maybe a window box for flowers. Also, if you want to use the soil...
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    Critter-proof compost bin?

    I would get a lockable trash can. If the raccoons can pick a lock, they should be entitled to your compost.
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    Spilled Flower Pot Ideas

    Try this: Combine your sideways pot with some shards to make a retaining wall. Then have a plant that spills over the side.
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    12 Year Old Garlic (Sentimental value)

    I'm sorry for your loss. I would plant the garlic to honor his memory.
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    ANY ideas?

    I agree, given the space, I would do a large square planter with a flower. You could also try using a window bed or a chair.
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    Backyard ideas

    I would add an L-Shaped raised garden bed/some potted plants. If not, I would remove the fence (but not the wall) and add some pool loungers, perhaps a bench or two as well.
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    Do you leave enough space in your garden for furniture?

    I like to leave space in my garden for furniture. I would recommend that you think of what furniture you might want to have (table, chairs, hammock, etc.) as well as how much space you have. From there, I would design my garden with a central area without plants and if I didn't add furniture...
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    My Gardening Blog

    Hello, I was wondering if you all could give me some feedback on my new gardening/cooking blog. Thanks in advance - Lauren/
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    Nature's Garden

    Those are so cool! Where were these taken? The closest things we have near my home area are the wildflowers in flagstaff.
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    New issues with basil plant please

    Look at the back of the white oil product. Look up the ingredients. Do they cause leaf burn?
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    New issues with basil plant please

    Perhaps your basil leaves are suffering from leaf burn. Look up leaf burn from neem oil and see if this is consistent with your plant's symptoms. If this is the problem, then only use oils early in the morning when it is not hot outside.
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    Can you recognize these trees?

    I think that @cppgardener may be right about the Jacaranda trees, have they flowered before? Jacaranda trees flower, so I would look into that. If you are invested in this or really want to know, you could go to your local tree nursery and compare your photos to what's there/ask for help...
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    Steep hill planting

    Option 2: If your hill isn't steep enough for a lean against, you could dig out terraces and use retaining walls to make sure that the soil doesn't erode. I would recommend this if your hill is less steep and recommend my first idea if the hill is super steep. If you wanted to save on...
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    Steep hill planting

    I would definitely talk to a professional about the safety of your pathway, and if necessary, building a retaining wall below your pathway to avoid the pathway eroding over time. I would probably build a lean-against sort of shelter (again, consulting a professional's help) and use it as a...
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    Greetings From Northern Arizona!

    Hello, my name is Lauren. I am a blogger and I initially joined this community to do some research for one of my posts (answering questions people ask on online forums), but I think that this is a very good community that I want to be a part of. I garden fruits, vegetables, and flowers. I...