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    Plants handpicked for a monarch

    Clematis Niobe & Bourbon Bourbon kings first ruled France and Navarre in the 16th century.
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    Summer Daffodils

    Narcissus Erlicheer is one of the most fragrant double daffodils for the garden.
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    Happy Birthday Marlingardener

    Happy Birthday, @marlingardener!
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    Lily Flowering Tulips

    The petals of a Lily Flowering Tulip look like raindrops.
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    Continuous Marigolds

    Hanging basket of marigolds
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    Gentlemen's Attire

    Should men wear a pink tie?
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    Hybrid Oriental Lilies

    How to grow and care
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    New Flowerbeds, the first year....

    The white and pinkish-purple hollyhocks are superb.
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    30 July 2021 Rose of Sharon

    @Durgan, The white Rose of Sharon is splendid.
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    Your day apart from gardening

    I attended church. Also I taught Sunday School class.
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    Plantations of the Old South

    Shirley Plantation in Charles City, Virginia is the oldest plantation in Virginia.
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    Fave songs from way back when!!

    Goodnight Ladies ~ The Lawrence Welk Show
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    Fragrant Roses

    Stanwell Perpetual Rose
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    Gentlemen's Attire

    Should a polo shirt be buttoned all the way?