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    Sweet Peas Help?

    So, is Fall the best time to plant sweet peas, to avoid the heat? Or is it really an issue of having to plant in the Spring/Summer AND being in an area that doesn't have very hot Summers?
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    Anyone growing corn

    My Dad lives in the Virginia Beach area and he's got a very nice 50-foot row of corn growing in his backyard (along with several other vegetables). I always thought of corn as something to be grown on a large farm, I don't know why. But, he's got me inspired to grow some of my own, especially...
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    Biggest Slug Ever In My House

    I wonder how they might get into the drain? Would this be an indication that the plumbing is somehow compromised?
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    What Are Basic Herbs To Get Started?

    I would say rosemary, basil, etc. I think the best way for a total beginner is to buy a little herb garden kit that's designed for indoor growing. I've even seen them at Family Dollar, so they should definitely be available at other places. It has everything you need including instructions.
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    What motivates you to grow your own?

    For me, it's a great sense of power and control over one's own life that I get when growing and eating my own food. It's also a true feeling of being blessed. It's really an amazingly fulfilling process to go through. You almost feel sorry for people who've never had truly real food before, and...
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    Benefits of Lemon Balm

    I wonder if it's the scent of the lemon that has a huge part in its health benefits, sort of an aromatherapy benefit in addition to the actual chemical makeup of the plant.
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    Do you get paid to recycle?

    I wish!! I find it amazing that people freely provide recycling plants with the raw materials for their product lines. I used to work at a recycling plant and they make big money, with very little to no cost of acquiring the raw materials. There should be some kind of compensation to those that...
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    Tiny peaches

    Ha! Yeah, I would love to have some fresh peaches. I'm planning to start a little garden this fall and/or spring. I'm tired of having to buy overpriced food that I could grow myself.
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    Tiny peaches

    I will pass all of this great info on to my friend and he can decide what to do, if anything. He's a bit too lazy for these types of things, but maybe with a little pecking he'll take some action.
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    Are we having Global Warming, or not ??

    But, you ignore those good points and focus on other things. No, you're talking sewiously. :p :) Our understanding of gravity is not etched in stone. We don't understand it, yet. We have theories that are evolving. Sorry, but that's totally incorrect. You should check out some of the very...
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    Tiny peaches

    I didn't taste any, yet. But I did notice that the tree seemed to have quite a lot of fruit on it for such a small tree. It's about seven feet tall, with an overall branch circumference of about seven to eight feet. There could have easily been about 100 small peaches on it. They looked like...
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    Tiny peaches

    I have a friend that planted a peach tree in his back yard, and the tree seems to be doing fine. It's got plenty of fruit on it, however, the peaches are really tiny. They're smaller than a golf ball. I didn't want to say anything because he seemed really happy with it, except for the fact that...
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    Would You Rather....

    I think that I would prefer the moss garden because I could always come back later and add ferns. The moss could serve as a great "canvas" for whatever else I might add. Q: Would you rather keep a mulberry tree for its berries, or get rid of it because of the mess it can make even if you try to...
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    Are we having Global Warming, or not ??

    Man-made climate change is a hoax to facilitate the flow of more money and control to governments. Understanding climate change is very simple, actually, once you erase all of the political rhetoric from politicians, actors, artists, activists, etc. We live in a solar system. The governing body...
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    Greener Lawn

    You might also have different types of grass growing, or even some weeds, that have invaded the lawn causing its color to be inconsistent. If so, I would kill the weeds and lay down a layer of grass seeds to bolster the grass type that you want.