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    Definitely not an expert but mine usually bounces back pretty well after a water or two but if it's too far gone, I'd chop off any leaves that don't stand up again and hope for new growth. Might want to keep a few for photosynthesis (not sure how much they do that once dried out though).
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    Philodendron Silver Cloud - any help appreciated!

    Hi everyone, This is my other rare plant (just posted about my variegated monstera) so I'm not doing too well with my rare ones! This guy suffered from spider mights so both the leaf and a new growing leaf died, since treating it, the stalk hasn't died (yay!) and it looks like it might be...
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    Variegated Monstera Cutting - any help appreciated!

    Hi everyone, I bought this variegated monstera cutting back in December and I'm pretty worried about it. The seller cut off the two leaves because they would most likely die off, and the brown marks are from where the leaves came from, it has established roots (won't come out of the soil when...