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    Desert roase / Adenium Arabicum

    Hello! The soft branches of the adenium are a bad sign ... There may be a problem with the roots. Falling leaves can have 2 reasons - a natural process for some species and a diseased plant. I also cut my adeniums, but only during growth. Some of my adeniums have lost leaves now, because they...
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    Ice cube orchid

    These are aerial roots. If I transplant my phalaenopsis, I choose a transparent pot. This allows you to see the state of the roots, which are located in the lower part of the plant. The aerial roots on your phalaenopsis look healthy. I would transplant into a transparent pot a little larger. The...
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    Plant name please

    Welcome! This is one of the species of Euphorbia. I think Euphorbia (Synadenium) grantii ... (bicompacta rubra?)
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    Could Use Help w/These

    2 - Trachelospermum jasminoides Tricolor 3 - Clerodendrum thomsoniae
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    I love this shrub

    Hi, Mary- Quite Contrary!:)
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    I love this shrub

    Echium fastuosum, I think
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    What plants are these?

    1. Dieffenbachia 2. Alocasia 3.Pothos (Epipremnum aureum) (my version)
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    Today's Pickings

    Not. Just technology. In early May, I plant the seeds warm in plastic cups. When they germinate, I put it in the cold on the balcony, so as not to have rapid growth. In the middle of May I put plastic cups in the ground in the greenhouse. I am waiting for the roots to fill the entire plastic...
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    The 2018 Sunflower Growing Competition!

    No, these are fresh flowers and ice. Ice cubes are a part of homemade cosmetics for good skin tone of the face. :)
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    The 2018 Sunflower Growing Competition!

    I got my mug too! Thank you very much! :love: This mug will be my candlestick in the long winter evenings! :D
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    It's so beautiful, @DirtMechanic ! :love:(y)
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    He is a celibate! Thanks @Upsy Daisy ! :) This is a type of Pulsatílla patens or Anemone patens. :) Colchicum