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    Can someone help me identify what kind of mint this is?

    Def no telling for sure what type of mint it is. Why not just take a leaf and go back in the place and try to identify it. Seems like the best way to go about it.
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    Black Kow manure drying out too fast

    Black Kow manure is suppose to be top quality at the local hardware stores yet it is not. It looked great and moist in the bag but when I have top dressed my garden containers Ive noticed the manure is no different than the potting mix I had. All it does it dry out, I assumed it would be rich...
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    Seeds sent to me opened by postman??

    Thanks for all the wonderful replies! I hope it does not happen again! There are some nosy ppl out there for sure. o_O
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    Seeds sent to me opened by postman??

    This isn't the first time that I have had some veggie seeds sent to me in the mail only to have them opened, usually at the corner. Is this done on purpose by the postman? Maybe he wants some seeds too? Anyone else have this happen to them?
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    Does it matter when you harvest your herbs?

    I have a few different herbs I am looking forward to harvesting and drying so I can get a head start. There are Bonnie transplants that have been planted in pots few weeks ago. Does it matter when I harvest these for drying?
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    Bonnie Plants

    I try to use rainwater...however I use tap water too and my seedlings are fine. They are in Jiffy pellets (the ones where you add water and they expand) in my south facing window.
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    What kind of worms for worm bin?

    That is interesting! Thank you very much for the advice. :)
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    Do Okra roots grow deep?

    It is the red burgundy okra...:(
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    adding compost

    I would be curious to see what you have grown in clay. I tried for many years and it never worked for me and I would not suggest doing so without adding compost and other soil enhancers.
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    Beginner Gardener

    Do research on all plants you want to grow, and only grow what you will eat. 1. Research the growing conditions, how to cook, how to harvest, and how many plants per person. 2. Lay out a garden design - doesnt have to be complicated. You can even use a container garden. 3. Separate plants by...
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    Will worms survive in container garden?

    I found some free worms in my yard and put them in my containers. I put some pieces of scrap paper on top of the soil and buried some down in the soil. Will they survive? And can they climb out and flee? :cry:
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    What kind of worms for worm bin?

    Will earthworms work fine for a worm bin? Or do I have to buy the red wigglers? I just want to get some worms from my yard - which are free - to put in the bin. Any suggestions or ideas?
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    Egg Shells And Coffee Grounds

    Put the eggshells in a blender and create a powder to spread in garden. Great for tomatoes because it provides calcium.
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    Egg Shells And Coffee Grounds

    That's right! They are great for deterring slugs!
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    Parsley Lacks Flavor

    I would suggest growing from seed from an heirloom. Do they have heirloom Parlsey?? (n) I have this problem too and I have shyed away from Parsley. Everytime I harvested leaves they had no flavor. When you buy Parlsey in the produce section it too has no flavor. I dont get it. Since you can't...