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    What is this, and how much light?

    no, it's not sarcasm
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    Need ideas of what to do in this area of my backyard

    the territory is small. so you need to think things through. try using the services they always have good ideas
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    Summer Bouquet

    Very nice
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    My coral cactus has a...growth.

    what a big flowerpot
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    What is this, and how much light?

    a whole flower bed in a flowerpot. good
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    PAS100 compost

    great post :)
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    Help w declining yellow orchid vine

    I bought orchids several times, but they soon disappeared. also interested in tips
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    Yard Cleaning

    good idea)))
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    Buying a greenhouse

    think carefully about whether you need a greenhouse. my parents bought it and now they don't have time to take care of it
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    Garden Update 7-8-21

    and what will you do with the beets?
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    Garden Update 7-8-21

    how delicious it looks
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    Spilled Flower Pot Ideas

    it's very nice