I'm Autistic and have Ehlers Danlos Syndrome (Hypermobolity type) as well as many other conditions. While I can communicate very well I have trouble understanding certain things, while others I pick up on very easily. Gardening is one of them. I took agriculture class on and off in School, so I can tickle the roots to get the soil off without damaging them, know how to fertalise, and how to make them chase the water to get nice deep roots. my stepdad used to be a farmer but that was years ago. I'm going to be wheelchair bound by the age of 40 most likely, but still want to be able to garden. I'm currently learning Orchid care off my mother. We have freshwater slime mould in our tap water right now... In our front yard, a greywater pipe has holes in it, so it always drains into the soil and makes everything, from the lawn to the rose bushes, really green. This drought is bad enough the rose bushes started having trouble though.
Sep 6, 1995 (Age: 26)
South East Queensland
Hardiness Zone
4C-36C temps and severe drought right now
Disabled Pensioner