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    Pink Diamond Hydrangea

    Those are beautiful hydrangea flowers. I think what you did with them making them look so healthy and full.
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    Why would anyone cut off a sapling's branches?

    That is a strange thing to do to a tree, indeed! I probably would have trim the top to keep it bushy at the trunk rather than having a skeleton like that.
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    How far should I space my mint?

    Mint is notorious for self seeding so they will multiply to out of control in a short time. At our old home, mint literary took over the entire area and keeping me busy pulling them. I don't think you will have problem plant them either with little space between or not.
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    indoor cilantro - first try

    I can start cilantro with the stems in pot, and as soon as I put them in the dirt after they had roots, they died on me. I think cilantro needs lots of sun, as @Chuck said. I love cilantro, and the price for a bunch is very inexpensive here, but I love to grow my own :)
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    Amaryllis 'Dancing Queen' (Hippeastrum hybrid)

    Wow, this one is so fancy and beautiful! I want to live in your garden of flowers!
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    Rudbeckia hirta Cherry Brandy ‘Black-eyed Susan’

    I usually associate Black-Eyed Susan with yellow color, but this is such a nice color to see. This year though, I am starting to see different colors at the garden centers, and if I have space in my given area, I will plant them.
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    Creeping Charlie; if you can't beat it, eat it!!

    I had creeping charlie in my yard at the old house. They are so invasive even with the lawn being mowed every week, but I had never thought of using them for tea or salad. I am a bit hesitated since we have stray cats' pee and poop everywhere in the neighborhood.
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    Working in HInton St George

    Beautiful shots, Zig! I like those flowers lying against the building on the sidewalk. It's pretty!
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    Sunflower ‘Japanese Silver-Leaf’

    They are gorgeous sunflowers! I planted some sunflower seeds earlier on in the season, and it grew just perfectly until the lawn guy cut it down thinking it was weed! I was so mad :(
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    Sunflower ‘Big Bear’

    I have never seen this type of sunflower before, and it is so pretty and soft looking! Are there plenty of seeds at the end of the cycle? Birds love sunflower seeds!
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    Looks very nice and healthy! You living room must smell so good and looks fantastic!
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    I bought a lemon tree. Are those tiny lemons??

    Since all your questions have been answered, I just want to say that your lemon tree looks very healthy. I would someday like to have one too!
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    Airhead moments.

    I also have many airhead moment, and I can relate to some of your cases! I locked my toddler in the car with the key inside, I used mouthwash to clean the tub, etc. I supposed after all the 'Incidents" that I had, I just had to laugh at them and said to myself "everyone does this sometimes", LOL..
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    Yarrow Achillea millefolium 'Red Velvet'

    Oh aren't they so pretty? I have only seen the white color! This is such a treat for the eyes!
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    Drying Basil

    I used low heat so it took me roughly 15-20 minutes since I don't want them to cook and looked too brown in color. I have heard others freeze them with water in the ice tray, but I haven't done it since I have no space in my freezer.