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    Let's talk tropical fish and aquariums!

    I've got several tanks I'd love to give away, but nobody wants a used tank any more. Had over two dozen at one time, but had to get rid of everything when we built the house. Just have one set up now, with a few guppies (fish, not toes!), but I DO have a 1,500 gallon pond and lots of goldfish, John
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    I ask a question, and within a few hours I get expert help from Russia, England, and Australia! Love this forum!!! (y) John
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    I run the pond/water gardening section at the garden centre where my wife is the perennials manager. We also have about a 15 acre wholesale section, growing everything from bedding plants to poinsettias. I'm going to talk to the owner about these plants. I think we would do well to carry them. John
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    Thank you, Larisa and alp. I looked them up, and the foliage in the pictures definitely resembles the leaves in the picture I was given. The plant apparently likes cooler summers, which would explain why this one has been doing so well. It is located on the north shore of Georgian Bay, in...
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    A family member asked if I know what plant this is. My wife is a manager in a local garden centre, and can usually identify anything that comes up, but we have gone through several books, and come up with a blank. The plant was purchased as an annual, but had no tag, so it could be anything...
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    What is this orchid doing?

    I have been keeping these beauties for at least twenty years. They will bloom for up to nine months on one flowering stem, rest for a couple of months, and start all over again. Get an orchid fertilizer and use it according to the directions. And never, EVER, let it sit in water! Mine get two...
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    Need an indoor plant for a sunny spot

    Perhaps one of the crotons? Colourful, and love the sun! John
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    Need advice on spider plant

    Funny, isn't it? You start thinking about something you once had, and the first thing you know, you're checking them out in the stores. I just have to get one again! John
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    Need advice on spider plant

    After three years in the same pot, I'd think it WOULD be root-bound. (I haven't actually SEEN the plant.) I know that some shrubs (Forsythia) that aren't blooming very well can be rejuvenated by trimming their roots. Has anyone ever tried this with houseplants? I know I'm comparing apples to...
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    Need advice on spider plant

    I've kept spider plants for many years, and always had many plantlets hanging on the runners under the pots. Yesterday my niece asked me what I did to get them to reproduce. She has had one for three years now, and it's doing well, EXCEPT that it has not produced a single plantlet! Does anyone...
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    Wi-fi Routers can kill plants Wow...???

    Twelve feet from my router there are fourteen orchids, all doing well and giving me a never-ending display of blooms. Just my personal observation, BUT if one ever dies, I'll know where to lay the blame!! :) John
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    Squirrels and magnolia

    Oh, they eat well around here! They get corn and mixed seeds (pigeon feed) all winter, and regularly rob the bird feeders, especially the suet blocks. I'll have to keep my fingers crossed, then. Maybe a few old CDs hung in the tree will keep them away? Thanks for the replies. John
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    Old enough to know better.

    Old enough to know better.
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    Squirrels and magnolia

    Can anyone here tell me if squirrels will eat magnolia buds? The grey squirrels here are always in our stellata, which is full of buds and I'm wondering what the attraction is. I haven't noticed any gnawing, but I'm curious. John
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    I currently have seven phalaenopsis blooming in an east-facing window. Most were rescues from the garden centre (finished blooming) but two or three were gifts. The longest one plant has been in continuous bloom was nine months! Love 'em!! John