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    Everything is growing ! !

    Everything is growing ! !
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    Volunteer plants

    I also have some trumpet vine that is growing up on the side of the storage shed. It has grown there before, but I usually chopped it back, and this year, I let it grow. Now it also has some beautiful blossoms on it, and I think I will try and move some of the small ones that are coming up...
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    To pull or not to pull

    I had not heard about not composting the squash, and I have usually either put it in my compost pile at the end of the year, or I just let it decompose over the winter and then rototill it in when I do the tilling either in late fall or early spring. I don't think that i have ever had the...
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    Mosquitoes !

    It is that time of year again, and the nasty pests try to eat me alive, especially in the evening, which is when I go out to do my last plant watering for the day. I have been using the Avon SkinSoSoft; and that actually does a pretty good job of keeping th mosquitoes away. However, today, I was...
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    Are we having Global Warming, or not ??

    There is just so much information and political rhetoric out now about global warming, and what it is doing to our planet, and also how it is affecting the plants and animals as the climate changes. I am in the Southern United States, and I read that some animals, such as armadillos, are moving...
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    Are there any pitfalls to doing a lawn in clover instead of grass?

    I love having clover in my lawn ! I like walking barefoot in clover,too, and it is much softer than grass. Plus, it makes a great soil enricher when it is mowed. Speaking of mowing, that is about the only downside that i can see to the clover lawn. It grows very thick and heavy, so you have to...
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    New member

    Hello, Evelyn, and welcome to the forum ! There is a whole lot of good gardening information here, and some awesome pictures of new ideas to inspire you as well. Browse around and check out some of the interesting threads, join in , and make some new friends. So glad to see you here ! This...
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    Whats Your Favorite Tomatoes To Grow!!!

    My favorite tomato is the little patio cherry tomato, They will grow happily in a pot on thee deck, have bunches of tomatoes, and are the perfect size to grab one or two as you walk by, and pop them into your mouth. The flavor is intense, and you don't have to cut or slice or anything else to...
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    Rain Water Catchment System

    When I lived in Idaho, I had a friend who lived out in the country, and she did not have any running water, so she had gutters that drained into a large underground tank. She was an older lady (late 60's), so obviously, she did not do all the physical labor herself, but she did hire a fellow...
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    Do you make your own fertilizer?

    I can see where this could work. I have done a similar thing using alfalfa pellets. I had a big washtub outside, and put the alfalfa pellets in the tub, which was full of water, and then you just let it sit for several days. It ferments, and will smell bad. When I was ready to water the plants...
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    Dandelion Tea!!!

    Years ago, I dug up a whole bunch of dandelions, and brought the roots in and cleaned and roasted them to make a coffee-like drink. It didn't make very much, and was really bitter, and I decided that it was not worth all of the work it took to dig, wash, roast, and grind them up to drink. There...
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    Oh no! aphids

    I was reading an article about the people in India using cola drinks like Coke and Pepsi as a pesticide. Even though both companies claimed that there is nothing in either cols drink that would work as a pesticide; the farmers that are using it claim that it works as well as regular pesticide...
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    Keeping Squirrels Out of the Garden

    We have been having a problem with the squirrels this year as well. I feed them, and I am not sure if that makes the situation better or worse. I do like the squirrels, just not when they are eating my garden. I think they even ate the castor bean plant when it came up, and they are supposed to...
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    Vertical gardening

    I think you might be thinking of the growing bags where the plant grows upside down. I have tried growing one of those big bags with an upside down tomato in it, and i am not pleased with doing that at all. The tomato needed a lot of room to grow, so we had to hang the bag really high up to giv...
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    I love wisteria ! However , it can get to be a very large vine, and if you don't want it climbing up your trees, then I would say to dig it up, and move it somewhere that you can enjoy its beauty. Otherwise, I am sure that if you advertise it for free on craigslist, or a local gardening forum...