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    Crepe Myrtle Unleashed

    I like how it bloomed so beautifully.
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    I'm very impressed with all the photos.
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    Opening a can of worms

    200 per hour? That's insane, I would love to have that kind of pay.
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    99.9% of young adults and teenagers....

    That's kinda rare though. I would definitely miss it too even while not checking my phone.
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    Cheap greenhouse

    Impressive build. That looks really great.
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    Front door sign

    I want to come up with "Pulling the weed" kind of joke or something similar but for a doormat instead.
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    Front door sign

    I find it really funny though.
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    How is my thyme?

    Doesn't look really that bad to me.
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    Currently at 34C here and no sign of rain.
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    hello from south mississippi

    Great to have you here. Welcome to the forum.
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    May garden

    Nice garden. Good job maintaining it.
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    It looks really stunning.
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    Blue Beauty

    I love the color. It looks really charming.
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    Just joined this morning.

    Welcome to the community.
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    Timelapse of dry houseplant after watering

    This is oddly satisfying. I've been watching it on repeat.