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    How fortunate for you! Enjoy your all your gardens, north and south!
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    "Concord Blue" Streptocarpella

    Streptocarpella 'Concord Blue' (Streptocarpus saxorum)
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    "Concord Blue" Streptocarpella

    Here is a beautiful Streptocarpus cultivar, Streptocarpus 'Blue Ice'. The genus name Streptocarpus comes from the Greek words streptos meaning twisted and karpos meaning fruit for the twisted capsule.
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    "Concord Blue" Streptocarpella

    Airy, dainty blue flowers of "Concord Blue" Streptocarpella (Streptocarpus saxorum "Concord Blue"), sometimes called the false African violet, a species of flowering plant in the genus Streptocarpus, subgenus Streptocarpella, native to Kenya and Tanzania.
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    Hostas Varieties A to Z

    I have Hosta x 'Abiqua Drinking Gourd' in my garden and love its texture and blue-green color. The word, Abiqua, which has been used for 24 other registered hosta cultivars, comes from Abiqua Creek, which flows through the central Cascades mountains in Oregon. Abiqua is possibly from a Kalapuyan...
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    Daffodils: All are not yellow

    A beautiful, early blooming daffodil.
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    Virginia Springbeauty (Claytonia virginica)

    The tiny, delicate flowers of Virginia Springbeauty (Claytonia virginica), a wildflower that grows in forests and along forest edges in the eastern half of the US and Canada. It also occurs in the mountains south to Georgia, Alabama, and Arkansas and is one of the earliest plants to flower in...
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    Dancing Lady orchid (Oncidium sphacelatum)

    Wonderful post with all kinds of great information about Oncidiums, thank you! It's unfortunate that the O. ensatum, or O. floridanum, is considered endangered in Florida where some populations have not been seen for many years "due to changes in hydrology, illegal collection, and habitat loss."...
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    Dancing Lady orchid (Oncidium sphacelatum)

    Dancing Lady orchid (Oncidium sphacelatum), an epiphytic orchid with beautiful bright yellow flowers and maroon markings. The genus name is derived from the Greek word onkos, which means swelling or mass, referring to the uniquely shaped bump on the lips of its flowers. Oncidium sphacelatum are...
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    Twilite Prairieblues False-indigo seems a very fitting name for this beautiful Baptisia hybrid cultivar with its lovely violet-purple flowers.
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    Blue False Indigo (Baptisia australis), native to North American prairies, has beautiful dense clusters of deep blue flowers.
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    Bladder Campion (Silene vulgaris)

    The purple and green calyces of this Silene species are very beautiful!
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    Bladder Campion (Silene vulgaris)

    Native to Europe and western Asia, Bladder Campion (Silene vulgaris) have been introduced in many other regions of the world. Its bladder-like calyx with its subtle veination, make these small, delicate flowers, strikingly beautiful.
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    Helenium autumnale

    Helenium definitely look great growing en masse, a wonderful native plant!
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    Penstemon digitalis

    I appreciate the comment Marck. I was quite taken with the beauty of these wildflowers, which had randomly appeared amid the undergrowth surrounding a line of Norway Spruce trees. It was interesting to learn a bit about the Penstemon digitalis 'Husker Red' cultivar, it does have a beautiful...