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    Few Blooms

    The two pinks ones (second and third photos) look like peonies?? But what are the other photos. They are very interesting, but I don't think I've seen them before. Are they weeds or have you cultivated them? Whatever they are, they are very pretty. Thanks for posting.
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    Gardening Therapy

    I'm bipolar and go through periods of depression, followed by periods of mild mania. Either way, my husband always tells me that buying plants "is cheap therapy". And he's right. It does cost a lot less than a therapist, and does about 100 times more good for me. I like to surround myself in...
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    Dogwood or Crabapple?

    I'm not 100% sure about the second photo, I snagged it off a website that said it was a crab apple - and as you know, if it's on the internet it must true ... not! ;) Thanks for pointing that out.
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    How old were you when you started gardening?

    I started when I was in my 20s. My husband and I had moved to a home that already has a beautifully manicured lawn and gardens that were overgrown. My brother was an avid gardener, so he came over and helped with the weeding, which was much fun, but he also encouraged me to go to the nursery...
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    Planting to attract hummingbirds

    Here's a list of 12 plants that attract both butterflies and hummingbirds. Hope this helps.
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    Planting to attract hummingbirds

    They seem to love my cleomes, which are an annual that reseed themselves, so you really only need to plant them once. They get about 4-5' tall but only maybe 1' wide. Most people grow them in clusters, so they can be as wide as you'd like. For a container, you would probably only plant 3-4...
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    Dogwood or Crabapple?

    An interesting Christian myth about the dogwood - From According to the myth, the dogwood tree once grew straight and tall, rather than bent and twisted as it does now. The cross used to crucify Jesus was supposedly made of dogwood...
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    Dogwood or Crabapple?

    I have to agree that it is not a dogwood. Dogwoods only have four petals and the leaf structure is completely different. It does look like a fruit tree of some kind, but I can't tell. Why do you want a crab apple tree - they make the most god awful mess, and you really can't eat them - in my...
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    Is It REALLY Organic?

    You have to ask yourself, is non-organic really bad? All things in nature are chemicals - pure water itself is made up of two chemicals - and it's a solvent. Yes, I don't like the idea of putting massive amounts of chemicals on our foodstuff, but even organic produce uses fertilizers and...
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    Things that people that garden understand...

    Thanks for sharing the link, I'm headed over there now. My budget is so tight this year, I didn't think I'd be able to buy anything, but at .99 cents and free shipping, I can splurge $10 or so. I find there are so many things non-gardeners don't get - like playing in the dirt, or being able to...
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    Garden Paths

    And sanity. I don't know what I would do if I couldn't surround myself with the beauty of nature. And the experience of gardening is so relaxing, calming and zen-like. Then when you add into the mix, the hummingbirds, butterflies, bees and birds - you have the perfect mix for a blissful...
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    Come to dinner, bring cash and a dish to pass

    I'm afraid I'd have to say something like, "I don't think the company is worth the money" or "I've never had to pay anyone else to be my friend", or "For this kind of money, do I at least get an escort?". The gall of some people, but you see it all the time. When people get married, they are...
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    Garden Paths

    It's more compulsion than dedication. I just can't not get outside and play in the dirt. I guess maybe I've never grown up. I have moved away from mud pies and into gardening - a little more refined and mature!! It doesn't matter how long we plan on staying, I just have to put in some pretty...
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    Our 'systematic wilderness' got us a beautiful visitor.

    Here in the states, you can keep peacocks. My mother had two pair for a long time. It was so interesting to see them preen around, and fluff out their tail. Absolutely beautiful. They had free range of their 10 acres, but they always roosted in one tree. They shed their tail feathers and...
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    Garden Paths

    Even without the hard work putting in a path, it's always hard to leave my gardens behind. So few people really keep up with a garden when they buy a home. They look at the beauty of it when they look at the house, and it may actually encourage them to buy it. But when they realize what hard...