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    Maggots in Compost

    The Robins,Blue jays and other birds love to hang out around my compost pile. Its free food and they will keep the unwanted bug out of my gardens.
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    Oak Leaf Hydrangeas as a Standard

    I have Oak leaf Hydrangeas in the front yard that has done well with morning sun, It doesn't like the hot sun. I now have about a doz new one coming up under the big one. They do well even with a hard long winters here in New England
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    What did you do in your garden today?

    We sat on the front porch and watch the snow melt. Miss Fern didn't want to get her feet wet so there was no walk for us today.
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    It was 71f today. Had time to clean ups some leaves, still have tons of them on the ground.
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    Your Pets

    You have one of the smartest parrot around. I have a 35+ year old Red Lored Amazon who has a nasty mouth when she talks she gets her Ts and Fs mixed up and has leaned other words she doesn't need to use. But I'm lucky she doesn't talk as much any more. I still lover her even when she bites me.
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    What do your friends say about you liking gardening?

    I've been retired 10 years now and my neighbors still think I'm crazy for spending so much time in the garden. I grow only veggies that I know I'll eat and plants things I like. I also have 5 aquariums that keep me busy all winter.
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    Lawn Nightmare Help! I miss my apartment!!

    I would just cut it as low as you can and keep it short and most of the vine should die out. My back lawn is full of clover and I enjoy watching the bees and bunnies play in the clover. and if the dog digs in the lawn it won't hurt it.
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    Purple Shamrock

    Mine are just starting to grow back.
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    Last night wasn't our first frost but last nights was the one that killed back lots of plants. Now for the leave to fall before the snow comes.
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    Starting over w/ weed infested flower beds

    I stopped pulling weeds in the flower bed, I just dig them back into the soil, plus having a flower bed that's packed it make it harder for the weeds to grow, Herbicides can do more harm that help.
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    Crown of thorns yellow leaves

    Mine do the same thing after it rains, it will come back and will be just fine.
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    Hostas and other perennials - do you let them die back, or cut them down?

    I don't clean up after the Hostas die back,I just let them rot back into the soil.
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    61*f clear and go up to 80*f today, its going to be a great day to weed the veggie garden. My roses need a good feeding and a little clean up around them.
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    How tall do you let your grass grow before mowing?

    I cut my front lawn at 3 inches and the back at 2.5 inches so I can find the dog :poop: :D front lawn.
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    Really nice looking peonies. Mine won't bloom for a few more week, if the sun ever come out again.