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    Greenhouse Capsicums - What to do with plants going into winter???

    I have a bed of very strong plants leading into the winter and they are in the greenhouse. We are till a month or so off Autumn, but I am wondering in advance what do I do if I want the plants to survive the winter? Do I need to overwinter them? If I do over winter them, can it still be done...
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    Yellowing Pumpkin VINES

    I have kent pumpkin in a mound bed and we've had some very hot days on and off. The plants have been wilting early in the day but then come back to life in the evening. What concerns me is the yellowing VINE, not the leaves as such. Only two of the original leaves have yellowed at this stage...
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    Aphids On My Cucumbers! HELP!

    I think it was a solid combination of removing the calendula, worm castings and diatemaceous earth dusting
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    Aphids On My Cucumbers! HELP!

    Thank you for the insights :) We actually have plenty of bird life here, even bower birds which love to demolish everything. so sadly all beds must be netted and the cucumbers are in a greenhouse, so no bird access there. Got on top of them though and now I'm just praying my cucumbers grow tall...
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    Mushrooms growing under fruit trees

    There's plenty of great apps that help you to identify mushrooms too :)
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    Green Potatoes - need some insights

    Hi :) I'm growing potatoes in chicken wire rounds and they are going gang busters. I'm looking to do my verion of "Hilling" with a layer of compost and then top up with tightly packed lucerne mulch. My question is...the growth is quite tall and though I can't see any fully formed potatoes...
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    Aphids On My Cucumbers! HELP!

    Ah ok! Had my wires crossed on the info but turns out, it worked! I have managed to remove and kill all the aphids on my cucumbers. Now I just need to get them healthy again :) Thank goodness! Looking to feed them with a 1:1:1 NPK liquid fertiliser in the hope it wil give them a boost.
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    Aphids On My Cucumbers! HELP!

    So turns out Worm Castings have Chitin in it which erode the exoskeleton of certain insects including Aphids! Going to give this a try this week around the cucumbers and Caps and see how it goes....hoping its like cryptonite for them!
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    Pear and Plum Slug - HELP!

    Spinosad? never heard of it. Is it a natural substance?
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    Aphids On My Cucumbers! HELP!

    Thank you Mark. Yes, I open up one end of the greenhouse (we are in a cool temp climate and the season is slow) everyday, it has netting on it big enough for predator insects but not for the cabbage butterfly thankfully. So far i have seen hoverflies in the GH but not much else despite having a...
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    Peppermint problem

    This happens often to my plants when I haven't cut them back enough. Usually a good cut back and a spray of natural homemade white oil does the trick.
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    About Microgreens

    like Beetroot, silverbeet, sunflower and broccoli micro greens. Very tasty and easy to grow.
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    Pear and Plum Slug - HELP!

    We have saw flies here in Australia and because of this we have a serious Pear and PLum slug issue. Our pears, plums and cherries are being attacked. Any suggestions on how to combat these leaf eating pests?
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    Should I prune there tomatoes?

    I prune as the plant grows, keeping two main stems and removing the others. This usually keepts the plant neat whilst giving it enough coverage to get what it needs.
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    Aphids On My Cucumbers! HELP!

    I have tried just about everything...lady beetle release, Neem oil and Castille Soap spray, rubbing them off, washing them off, planted mint and basil near by...they just keep coming back and my cucumber plants seem seriously stunted and the leaves are destroyed! I don't know what to do! Do I...