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    Unknown beauty.

    Persicaria Virginians var. Filiformis
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    Unknown beauty.

    Ty, I will look it up! It has the most beatiful leaves I have ever seen.!
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    Unknown beauty.

    I don't think so because it is very hard here in a 5b climate. It will grow in full sun, too.
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    Unknown beauty.

    Not the flowers, just the plant.
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    What does your garden look like ... Today?

    Love sitting on the patio! Ty
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    What does your garden look like ... Today?

    A few of my yummys this late summer day!Enjoy. Doug
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    What to do under this tree

    Most ground cover type plants will spread. Bishops weed (Aegopodium) is variegated and very pretty. Would look great there. Eventually you would have to work on the edge.
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    Unknown beauty.

    A lady gave me 2starts of this, help me ID. The green variegated one, it is on my patio and seems to like semi-shade. Doug.
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    Azalea shrubs in bloom

    I plnted my first azalea bush 4 days ago, Has one bloom and is about 2.5 ft high. Never grew one before, Beautiful pictures.
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    Is dish soap really a deterrent or just a detergent? i've been using 7 dust

    I use neem oil mixed with soap and water. (I buy insecticidal soap (organic) and mix them up into a spray bottle. The neem gels very easily so you might have to put the spray bottle into warm water to liquefy it. It works wonders on aphids. You have to be careful because it will kill bees if...
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    Round up for weeds

    I use a propane torch on the weed (not in my lawn I love to turn them into ex weeds. You have to be careful though.
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    Oxalis in beds and lawn

    How do I get rid of this weed? I pull it up before it seeds and try to get all the rhizomes but it always shows up.Help
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    Just moved my blueberries, I put 3 plants into a large barrel (1/2) and used good potting soil, I put in about 1 .5 cups of sulfur to aid the acid (PH) They were in the ground for about 3 years and only did well the first year. A friend said they kind of liked to be rootbound and she gets tons...
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    10 ft tall zucchini

    I might have a pic, I will have to look, I am not a smartphone guy so I used a little digital camera....
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    10 ft tall zucchini

    Last yeat, growiing organically I had one Zuke plant grow to 10 feet tall, It was amazing. Good compost is like plant crack. I have noticed each year is different. One year I will have tons and tons of tomatoes with 12 plants, Next year not so much(still good but not like the last year) How...