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    Good "beginner cacti"?

    Thank you for all of the tips about cactus care. I know I probably have overdone it in the past and I'm not surprised that they didn't make it.
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    Good "beginner cacti"?

    Thanks for the suggestions and the link. I think prickly pears have made up the bulk of the plants I've killed in the past, so now I'm embarrassed. Rattail cactus look GORGEOUS though, I think I'd like to try those out. What I'm reading about them suggests lots of direct sunlight during the...
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    Good "beginner cacti"?

    I've always wanted to care for cacti but have never taken them as seriously as I should've. I get gifted with a little one every once in a while and manage to kill it within a year. I feel awful about it. I would really like to get them another chance now that I've moved into a home that's a...
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    getting started in composting

    Does anyone have any recommendations for good bins for the city (stylewise, etc.?) We were using one for a while that we found at a yard sale (free!) but we left it behind when we moved. Or better yet: does anyone have any recommendations for materials to make a good-sized one at home that can...
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    Anything around the house that makes nice fertilizer?

    I was wondering if anybody else likes to find out what refuse around the house actually winds up useful in the garden. We have a pet house rabbit, and we LOVE using what we clean out of his cage for the garden. The mixture of rabbit feces, hay, old food, etc., is so beneficial. It seems like a...
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    Increase Your Harvest of Cucumbers

    This is a great tip, thank you so much! I use cucumbers so often and in so many things, I honestly don't know if I could ever grow enough, haha.
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    Hello! Eager to learn.

    Hi everyone! My name is Sam. I'm a 23-year-old self-employed artist living in Pittsburgh, PA. My partner and I just moved here from the country, so we are adjusting to city life. One of the things that is making this transition easier is that we were lucky enough to find a nice apartment...