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    Cucamelon mystery!

    I grew cucamelons last year. They are extremely slow growing when they germinate. It probably took a good 4-6 weeks after they germinate to see any sizeable growth. Like others have mentioned, they do take off after this.
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    Ground Covers

    Wow the purple ice plant is gorgeous! Any advice or growing guide or the this plant?
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    2 fruit tree questions

    Not sure about the plum tree. But i think the grapes might be a pollination issue as opposed to something eating them. The leaves look fine, and it doesnt look like the fruit have developed enough for birds or mammals to leave them. If it is still early in the season, this is quite normal. Once...
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    Okra / ladyfinger producing weird leaves

    I’m not sure what it may be, but that definitely doesn’t look like an Okra seedling to me! Is there a possibility wild seeds spread in the wind?
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    An experiment in Hugelkulture in containers

    It sounds like at the end of the day, when you strip away all the jargon and scientific methods, this is the primary purpose of your experiment, in which i am interested in. I started my gardening journey through container gardening, and the biggest expense starting from scratch was potting mix...
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    An experiment in Hugelkulture in containers

    Following to this thread.
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    Meyer lemon. Half dying, have new growth

    Check for leaf miners. You can tell if leaf miners have invaded your tree by looking at the shrivelled up leaves. If there’s white squiggly lines running through the inside of the leaf, it might be leaf miners. You can treat leaf miners with neem oil. They can be quite a pest on young citrus...
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    Citrus tree

    Cute looking tree! Is that pot made of ceramic? Make sure it has good drainage holes. Like Marck mentioned, good drainage is pertinent. I potted a shrub in a beautiful ceramic pot once, not realising the small drainage hole on the bottom wasn’t adequate, and it slowly died on me. I much...
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    Amaryllis generating bulbs - what do I do?

    You’ll be fine. They were multiplying like crazy in my garden bed. Had to cull and dig a few bulbs out. I left them just sitting on top of the garden bed thinking they’ll just naturally die, but those bulbs are resilient, sending out new shoots despite not having any soil roots.
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    Sunflower problem

    Agree 100% Marck! I really enjoy and appreciate the old threads which you bump up. As you mentioned, it initiates discussion and new interests. Otherwise, the forum may remain inactive indefinitely.
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    Good spider plants dieing - leaves fouling in the middle

    Hi there! Just a disclaimer, I’m not a seasoned gardener but I do have some spider plants myself. I have them in my outdoor garden bed - it’s spring where I am at the moment and they have taken off like crazy with their baby pups, which they send out on runners. I think I dug up and put it up...
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    The Sunflower Bloom Has Begun

    Just checked, it was the Royal Velvet F1. They grew to about 6 feet, once the main flower died back, smaller flower buds started shooting out alone the sides of the stem. I was surprised when this happened, I thought sunflowers only produced one flower head and that was the end of its lifecycle...
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    The Sunflower Bloom Has Begun

    I love sunflowers, I grew these from seed but forgot what variety they are because I threw away the packet.
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    What color would you say these are?

    I would describe the first one as Indigo.
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    Looking for advice on growing Minowase Daikon radishes.

    Wow! That’s a quick turnaround! I just direct sowed some, which have germinated some small sprouts already. Looking forward to seeing them grow.