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    Need help sourcing some gardening catalogs

    I would suggest searching online for contact information, that could be the way to get what you are looking for. I do hope you get what you want.
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    Am I the youngest??

    I love the answers everyone is giving. We can always be young forever, after all, gardening is for everyone. I'm 32.
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    Welcome to the forum! Good to have you here, so many gardening experts to give the best advice.
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    Airhead moments.

    I love the stapler instead of mouse part! Hilarious. We all have those moments; one of mine was locking the keys in the house o_O
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    How cute and adorable! I wish I could cuddle him like a puppy; he looks so small and lovely.
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    Hello from California!

    Hi and Welcome! You could always ask for advice on the forum and go through the herb topics for guidance. Great to have you here:)
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    Craft Show

    Looks wonderful! I love craft shows! I hope you had a swell time.
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    I'm very excited....not so many casualties this summer!!!!

    I'm happy for you. Four tanks of water is a big deal. Wish you the best in gardening:)
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    I agree with @Chuck try not to water as much and they will grow well.
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    Do you sell at your local farmer's market?

    I don't sell at local farmers market but I did buy back home. The market days were once in four days and oh did I love the produce. Everything was always fresh and cheap and I loved being a part of it. I'm sorry yours did not go well but I wish you had continued to make it a tradition for the...
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    Hello, Im excited to be here!

    Hello, Even with little space outside, you could begin with little pots by the window or stick to indoor gardening. I've learnt so much about this form this forum and I'm sure you will too. Welcome!(y)
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    Hi everybody.

    Hello, Your passion has finally made you take a leap of faith by joining the forum. You will have a great time here. Good luck towards your homesteading.
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    Oooooh, what is that smell, is it the volcano? or the refrigerator?

    Whoa! These pictures are scary. Thankful you are safe.
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    Marcotting lemon, lime and other citrus

    That's a shame! At least you learnt from the action and we all here have learnt from you. Thanks for sharing!
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    Hello from 10b!

    Hi and Welcome, You are right! This is one of the top forums where real people can relate and share gardening ideas. Post some pictures of your gardening and the techniques you use. Nice to have you on board:)