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    Perennials ideas

    So, I've taken over the father-in-laws yard and now I'm looking for perennial ideas. Basically I'm looking for something easy that looks good (I'm new to flowers, mainly veg). I'm Toronto - ish. I think gardening zone 6/7. I'm rebuilding beds, etc. thanks in advance
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    Garden Update 5/29/21

    I'm jelly of your yard :P looks really good! My dads always had John Deere so I always say 'nothing runs like a deere' in my head when i see anything about them.
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    8 foot tomato indoor hydroponic

    hydro eh? I bet this thing just crushes. Looks very good brother.
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    COVID war garden

    This thread is for the general discussion of the garden COVID war garden. Please add to the discussion here.
  5. COVID war garden

    COVID war garden

    Basically, my June 1st Garden update. Pretty much everything was started from seed back in feb. Once the weather got nicer, they moved to my popup greenhouse then out into fabric pots. All the soil is hand mixed by me. Mainly it is just Pete moss, cow manure, perlite, garden soil and a lot of...
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    Hello! Beginner here :)

    Soil – compost, peat moss / coco coir with a little perlite. I feel like all soils (garden, top, etc.) are just different mixes of those. Also, do not forget to mulch! also - YouTube check out Gary Pilarchik (The Rusted Garden) I like his style and he has a lot of videos explaining...
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    NPK values of just about anything

    ooooooh fish blood meal. Thanks Chuck!
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    NPK values of just about anything

    I don't understand the blood meal. one line says... Fish, Blood & Bone meal 5 5 6.5 then the next one Blood Meal 12 0 0 Is there a reason why blood meal is listed twice? I feel like I've seen this before, but I'm not sure.
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    What to line raised bed with

    You can also use cardboard or newspaper. I have been on a big no till YouTube research kick as of late.
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    Starting seeds indoors

    This is my second year and I feel better already. I've started seeds in my grown tent. I'll probably do some more. I'm going to start with determinate varieties to see if I can get some quick wins this year. So far I've done 6x Provider Beans 4x California Wonder Peppers 4x Space Master...
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    Thank you everyone. Who knew gardening forums were this awesome. Nice to meet everyone of you!!
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    Hell from southern Ontario! I love to garden and COVID has given me a lot of time to plan, germinate, YouTube and everything else. I'm just looking for a place to talk to like minded people and show some pictures of what I have grown.