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    Help choosing a perennial or shrub to match irises, daylilies, amaranth, and calla lilies

    Well... I made some purchases, but I haven't planted anything yet. I'm hoping for a little feedback. After some research, I decided to buy three Loropetalum shrubs to go against the foundation. I chose the Ever Red Fringe Flower shrubs because they are available locally, not too expensive, and...
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    Lamb's ear

    An update with some pics... the first 3 pics are in the full sun area that's watered every other day, the other 2 are in the part sun area. Both were watered yesterday for about 20 minutes. I haven't had time to go to the part sun area that's less watered. Nothing has been watered today. At the...
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    Lamb's ear

    I have several Lamb's Ear perennials around my gardens, given to me last year and this year. I have them in 3 separate gardens. The ones in my part sun are doing OK, but the leaves are relatively small with a LOT of purple flowers! I run a sprinkler here for 20-30 minutes every 2 or 3 days...
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    Rubber Plant with Brown Spots

    I have a different type of ficus, and it gets brown spots like that during the summer... really just too much sun exposure. The leaves eventually fall off and the rest does just fine. Since it's new, the owner may have left it outside in direct sun or something. I would suggest keeping an eye...
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    Japanese Fern help!!

    How's the drainage in your pot? I don't know this exact plant, but I had a similar issue with a baby bromeliad. I had to cut back a LOT on watering, more like once every 2-3 weeks (or when the leaves start to droop). Also make sure that your water is filtered, doesn't have any excess elements...
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    Help choosing a perennial or shrub to match irises, daylilies, amaranth, and calla lilies

    I need is advice on perennials or shrubs that are 2 1/2 - 3' tall, up to 3' wide, blooms in full sun AND part shade, blooms throughout July and August, and will look good between irises / daylilies and amaranth / calla lilies. DETAILS OF THE GARDEN: I'm in zone 7A (western North Carolina). The...
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    Garden suggestions to go between irises and rhododendron

    I have a section near my goldfish pond that I'm trying to fill in, and I could use some advice. I have 2 pictures attached. The second is a picture of my pond, but it's a few years old so I have a lot of plants in the pond now. To the far right of the pond is part sun (I guess you'd call it...
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    Suggestions for a shrub in clay soil on a steep slope

    I'm working on the end of my driveway, in zone 7A. It's part sun with a heavy slope, and red clay soil. The area is about 40' long, and roughly 10' deep. It's been virtually untouched for years, covered with blackberry vines, poison oak, and yellow jackets! I've attacked it this week, though...
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    Oriental lily bulbs delivered

    If these are similar enough to Asiatic lilies (a hybrid of about 10 different species), they'll be incredibly tough. I have mine in containers in zone 7A, but last year something got in to one of the containers and dug a big hole, knocking all of the bulbs and stems everywhere! I tucked them...
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    Perennial suggestion for Zone 7A

    Those are both gorgeous! I don't think I've seen either of them locally, but I googled and they're both OK for my zone so I'm gonna have to go look for them at some local nurseries. It stopped raining earlier today, so I got some pics of my main area around the pond. I had 3 HUGE hostas that I...
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    Perennial suggestion for Zone 7A

    Using perennials that I already had on hand, I've set up several part-sun sections (and one full-sun section) that stagger in height, and I tried to set up bulb plants so that when one dies down another one blooms. So my pattern is: Purple Heart (the lowest) Hostas Autumn Joy sedum Bulbs...
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    Landscape lights not as bright as before

    Will do... it's raining all week this week, so I'll have to update sometime next week and hope that I'm not damaging the transformer
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    Landscape lights not as bright as before

    Hi all! I've been a poster over on the sister site of for awhile, but this is my first foray over here :-) I've been working hard to landscape my front and back yard this year, paying special attention to a walkway that goes by my pond. The landscaping is coming along...