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    Echinacea ‘Hope’

    I sometimes take echinacea pills, but I haven't seen an echinacea flower before. It's very pretty!:)
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    Hydrangea 'Endless Summer Blue'

    I simply can't stop looking at this flower. Everything about it is so perfect! I especially love this shade of blue:love:
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    Making Rose Hip Syrup

    Sounds wonderful! Thank you for posting this guide Zigs:) I think I'll give it a try. It will be a perfect winter drink:)
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    Tulip 'White Marvel'

    I love white tulips. They're one of my favorite flowers. Just looking at them puts me in a good mood, because they're so beautiful:) It's a lovely picture.
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    Canna 'Firebird'

    This plant looks like a piece of art. It's beautiful and very elegant. I love crimson red, it's such a gorgeous color:)
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    Growing Almost As We Speak!!!

    I haven't seen a Gymea Lily before. It looks beautiful! I love when plants grow super fast. Watching them getting bigger is fascinating:)
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    Adding Fall Colors To The Garden

    These plants are really pretty and unique! They look a little whimsical, I love it. I want to grow them too:)
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    Huge avocado

    Wow, it's so big! Blend an avocado, 2 bananas, 2 tbsp cocoa and add some honey to it, it will taste like nutella:) It's a yummy treat.
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    Hire Someone or Do it Yourself?

    Maybe I'm a crazy person, but I don't let anyone touch my plants. They're mine and I know what they want:) So no, I wouldn't hire strangers to take care of them. Sometimes I ask my boyfriend for help though.
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    Same here, DeborahJane. I love, love, love plants and treat them like they're my pets:) Each one of them is special and important to me. Taking care of them is a lot of fun, I enjoy it very much.
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    Pink Diamond Hydrangea

    It's amazing how these flowers change color:) And they're so pretty! I love the yellow butterfly.
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    Pink Diamond Hydrangea

    It's absolutely gorgeous, Esther Knapicius!:) I love this picture. I've always wanted to grow hydrangeas, because they're beautiful. Unfortunately, they don't do well indoors and I don't have a garden yet.
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    Fritillaria Meleagris 'Checkered Lily'

    It's so pretty! Thank you for posting this picture. I think I saw a flower like this in my aunt's garden, but I'm not sure.
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    Amaryllis 'Dancing Queen' (Hippeastrum hybrid)

    Wow, it's gorgeous! 'Dancing Queen' is a lovely variety. I would love to grow amaryllis too, but I don't have enough space. My apartment is too small.
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    Purple Shamrock

    Esther Knapicius, your purple shamrock looks beautiful! I like it very much. It's such a wonderful plant:)