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    Small pink flower identification

    I think you may be correct! I started looking into them and the seedpod looks just like some unknown seedpods someone had shared with me recently! I guess I mixed them up with my Basket of Gold seeds, how strange. Thank you! And wow, I didn't smell it before, but now that I do, it's heavenly.
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    Small pink flower identification

    Hi, I harvested some seeds from my Basket of Gold Alyssum, but when I planted them, I got this. It's about 4.5 inches tall with ruffly pink flowers. I'm not sure if my seeds died and and this is something else, or if Basket of Gold could have cross pollinated and produced this. I have one more...
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    Strawberries are looking pretty good. =D
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    Animals in your garden

    I get this little opossum visiting almost every night, I think he's adorable.
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    I'm So Excited, I Have to Share!

    That's awesome, happy for you! :giggle:
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    8 April 2019 Dinner

    Ah, that's kinda spendy for me. I'll have to see if I can find a smaller quantity to start off. I did make natto successfully in the instant pot, except my soybeans were a little larger than regular natto but it tasted fine. I enjoy natto and tofu so I'm sure I'll enjoy tempeh. Thanks for sharing!
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    Perennial Crops

    Oh interesting, so does that mean my fertilizer that contains Calcium Sulfate is not as bioavailable to the plants? I guess I will need to do some research!
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    Your Pets

    Apparently it's not a planter, it's a cat bed. Luckily the plants I was trying to grow I there were for him anyway: catnip and lemongrass! Maybe he could smell it even though it was only 1/4" tall.
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    Perennial Crops

    Good read, thanks for sharing. I've been wanting to do perennial edible landscaping out of pure laziness, but it looks like it could be beneficial as well! Interestingly, there was one perennial I was looking into, Purple Tree Collards, and one site suggested it be moved every couple of years...
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    8 April 2019 Dinner

    Looks good! I've been wanting to try making tempeh for a while using my instant pot, but I've never had tempeh before and want to try it so know what it's suppose to look and taste like. Sadly I haven't seen it in the stores I shop regularly! Need to venture to my ethnic grocery stores I...
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    Your Pets

    My gardening buddy! After bring cooped up all winter, he is happy to be able to bask in the sun again. Except today cuz it's raining.
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    What did you do in your garden today?

    Yay, I got my old apple tree pruned, hopefully not too hard of a pruning, guess I'll find out. It was quite overgrown.
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    Composting Beloved Large Animals

    I love this idea! When my cat passed away I wish we could have composted her. On a side note, Washington State is looking to legalize human composting and I've decided I can't die until they do!
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    Yard turns into a swamp when it rains

    What sort of soil do you have? If it was mostly clay before your parents tilled in sand then that could be the problem. Sand+clay=concrete from what I've been reading, even though I guess it was recommended in the past. So I might suggest adding organic material, tilling it in and adding a...