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    Tomotoe Help Please

    I have these growing indoor in peat pots. The pots are becoming moldy and leaves yellow with spots. Do you think this is mildew? Not all plants are suffering but I think I kept them too close together. Opinions please and thank you!
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    Soil conditioning. What can I use?

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    Whats happening to my cabbage?

    These cabbages are in my kitchen there still waiting to be transplanted outside because we have serious frost here but I don't understand what this could be I don't have any bugs I've looked everywhere anybody have any ideas?
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    Soil conditioning. What can I use?

    My soil is dark clay, sandy and loomy that breaks apart easily. People tell me I should add soil conditioning. What would you add to give the soil room to breath?
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    Beneficial Plant Question

    What about plants like borage that fight of bad bugs? Does that matter?
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    What kind of rose is this??

    Is it maybe the la reine victoria rose
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    my ficus can't decide if it wants to grow or die.. please help me keep it alive

    I would prune the bottoms branches add feed plant food weekly.
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    Veg Seedlings

    Tomotoes ;)
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    Beneficial Plant Question

    If I plant my tomatoes in buckets and plant beneficial companion plants near them is it the same benefit as if the tomotoes were planted in the ground? Also, what do you recommend? 1) tomatoes in bucket with cage 2) tomotoes in ground with cage