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    Today's Pickings

    been picking greens beans lately. Ran out them before the winter was over, so I doubled my crop this year. I hate snapping them, but totally worth it come winter.
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    Tomatillos not producing?

    I've been growing them for years. Some years I get a decent crop, and other years not-so-much. However, every year the plants look awesome with tons of blooms and 'lanterns'. The bad years, are when the inner 'fruit' stays the size of a small marble and doesn't continue to grow. Been...
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    Show off your garden shed!

    ok..... now I'm going to have to make a garden shed. darn! These are great!
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    Show me your garden FENCES and GATES please!

    I am going to drop a pic of my garden fence. It started out as a temporary fence behind my barn, while my house was being built. I had planned to put in a nice looking one once I settled in. Well........ it's been 4 years now, i'm settled in, and I still have this fence that I threw together...
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    6 May 2019 Asparagus (2019 season)

    The problem I have with asparagus, is the fact that I can eat the whole season's worth in one sitting. Asparagus is the bacon of vegetables. I love it! There's actually another problem with this one word........ "urine" some will understand, and some won't............
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    Trying an experiment

    Is there a variety of carrot that can be grown in containers??? I have great soil for carrots, but I lose them in the weeds. They have to be one of the hardest vegetables to weed around.
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    Canning Pickled Peppers - Pepper Mix

    I'm real excited about sharing this one. This turned out so good, that I'm planning my pepper plot around this recipe. Jimmy John's hot peppers are my inspiration for canning these. One thing that is nice about this recipe, is the fact that you can use ANY pepper. I like to take my peppers...
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    where to get 30 gallon water tank - cheap or free

    UPDATE: I went to a popular car wash in town, and they gave me a barrel that once had soap in it. Took it to a car wash (how ironic)..... and power washed the soap out until there were no more suds. I got the barrel for free. it was a 55 gallon barrel, since it had a sealed top on it, I can...
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    where to get 30 gallon water tank - cheap or free

    I'm looking for a 30 gallon tank to haul water to my trees in the yard. I have a 50 gallon, but it's too big and bulky for my garden tractor to pull. It will turn the trailer over on hills, even when the water level is half full. I would settle for a 25-30 gallon tank. I'm going to weld a...
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    Put the asparagus bed to "sleep"....

    I need to do this. maybe this weekend. I always cut them 2" from the ground, and just leave them. Should I throw soil over the top? I don't have compost.
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    Sage! - AKA- Deer sausage garden

    My advice is to buy quality. I made a goal to buy 1 item per season. This allowed by to get high-end equipment without the pain of cost. Eventually, you will have all the equipment you need. It took me 5 years to become fully equipped with nice stuff.
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    Sage! - AKA- Deer sausage garden

    I couldn't agree more! When I have to buy sausage from the store, I always get the sage sausage, and then dust the patties with a little extra before frying.
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    Sage! - AKA- Deer sausage garden

    I have a Jimmy Dean sausage copycat recipe that I use for my venison breakfast sausage. The sage is mixed with the other seasoning, blended in a little bit of water, and mixed in to the fresh meat mix. Really works the flavor throughout the meat. Having a meat mixer is a bonus.