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    Greenhouse - did you do it on your own?

    @treeguy Palram polycarbonate stops UV - it is one of their speculations noted on their product packaging so it different from what you're probably thinking of. I just bought the greenhouse kits because my building skills are limited. @NE Ohio John I really like the look of your greenhouse. So...
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    Anyone have a special flower, tree, or bush that brings back childhood memories?

    @treeguy absolutely beautiful. I don't know how you manage that in only a zone better than what I have. Astounded. :)
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    Hello from Surrey

    Wow. It is a UK forum but now we're getting the British invasion! I remember that in 66... ah well, Welcome all.... of course you're all zone 8 or better so sympathy for weather complaints can be found in a shoe box at the bottom of Lake Ontario :ROFLMAO:
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    Hello from Surrey

    Welcome to the forum @JWK !
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    Will be MIA for a little while....Early birthday present......

    Excellent news! You must be very resilient having come from death's door back to ready to work and muscle up for spring! Congratulations :)
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    Anyone here ever built an outdoor fireplace?

    I don't know the bits about making one but I hope you go forward. I have a Cuisinart woodburning pizza/baking oven and fireplace. Soooo nice on a cool day to hang about near it in between digging and planting out :) Do be very generous on the opening size. So many variances in length of wood...
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    Forum Upgrade

    Thank you. Tried it and liked it!
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    Getting a jump on spring........

    I use it in my greenhouses.. don't think that qualifies as indiscriminate use. :) but I have a tiny suburban yard and try to be careful. Up high, outside, I have suspended feeding stations for bees during the warm weather.. sort of apologizing to her ladyship , Mother Nature for my boo boos.
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    Forum Upgrade

    My wow was short lived. Sorry if I confused anyone. The ratings emojis on Gardeners Corner forum, where Zigs led me, are more interaction friendly and that's why I suggested it here. They really give you the opportunity to like but with clarification as to why :)
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    Getting a jump on spring........

    Neem oil will take care of lots but spinosad is the king of aphid killers. Natural as Chuck can verify but very effective.. they forget to eat and die :)
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    Getting a jump on spring........

    I don't seem to have too many issues with tools and things but getting things to grow just right is a challenge! I'm also a novice with pesticides and fertilizers. Been working on getting my all natural arsenal readh for spring. It's a slow process for me.
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    Getting a jump on spring........

    Whatever germinates will then move into this area. Got two like this :)
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    Getting a jump on spring........

    Just finished clearing out and tidying my 6x8. I put down tarp on the floor, heat mats covered by vinyl sheeting covered by felt for capillary feeding. All set for startup at tne end of March. It's too expensive to heat it throughout December, January and February but works as a geat time to...
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    A total change in my approach to a garden.

    Pick up trucks are great but when I resodded the front boulevards, I lined the bed of my Dodge Caravan and picked up the rolls in it. I could have taken the F150 but then you have to heave the rolls a lot higher to get them in the back. The truck is great for tall things for sure in my case but...
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    All Vegetables to the Rear of the Bus

    @alp , easier said than done. Even though this is a big country, real estate is beyond reach for most. Just too much money. A townhome which is like a row house can cost $750k.