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    Anyone know where I can buy organic amendments in Guadalajara, Mexico?

    You might try they may well have some of the things you are looking for.
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    Lost the plot

    Congratulations Zigs! 4 acres should keep you busy. How does "Oucho" like it in Kent? Have you named all the trees yet? Very best wishes:)
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    What is your view?

    Wow @zigs that is a very cool photo, the sky, the shingle (is that what you call it?). You are living in a new place? It appears to be near the sea though right? It is always fun to explore new territory and i hope you will take us with you when you do. got crabs?
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    What is your view?

    Yes,2 i saw the full wing span just before they disappeared into the vegetation. Definitely an owl and not a Pygmy. The upper wing was a darkish color close to the body turning to a cream color, very striking, It will be a stinker to id but i will give it a try. Wow, you still have the Neem...
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    What is your view? who says Ohio doesn't have picture postcard places? I'll bet there are more of them down the road as well. Yes, we get sunrises and sunsets, was that some kind of hint?;) I bet Ohio does too. Frankly at the present time, my stomach is in knots over the "Trump/Kavanaugh" thing...
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    What is your view?

    Thank you @Larisa,:) i think very little has been written about this tree. I have some better photos that i will post and i will observe the forest through the seasons. We are in a vast expanse of these trees that are letting themselves be known by the lovely flowers. I hope the forest is...
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    What is your view?

    Have you ever been to a Barcino forest? Barcino is one of many common names in central and southern Mexico and Central America for the wild tropical hardwood tree Cordia eleagnoides. Barcino is the common name in Colima. I know this because the head of maintenance in our neighborhood, Ramon...
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    What is your view?

    @MaryMary how far are the falls from where you live? They are very pretty and inviting. Do the falls have a proper name? @Larisa and what might this river be named? What? no snow yet?
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    POTM October 2018 Winner

    Well done @granjera. The accolades are well deserved. It is such a peaceful image full of contentment, well and just getting down to business...i love this photo:happy:
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    I checked with a friend about getting rid of the Yucca. He said the plant needs to be deprived of sun by first digging the plant up and then covering it with plywood or a sheet of metal (or similar that the plant cannot possibly grow through). I am assuming that whatever you use needs to be...
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    If it is Yucca, i wonder if vinegar would work to kill them? I sure wouldn't want to pour diesel fuel on my soil.
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    Happy happy birthday to MaryMary!

    Happy Birthday @MaryMary, you add so much light and humor and creativity to the forums and it is a pleasure to celebrate your birthday, many blessings
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    Happy Birthday Chuck!

    A very happy birthday @Chuck (i can hear you grumbling in the background), but you give us so much on this forum, we can't help celebrating you, many blessings
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    Happy Birthday splinx!

    Happy Birthday @splinx and many blessings
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    Plants in a messy garden

    No doubt you have some pests and diseases if the garden has been neglected. If you can post a photo of the disease on the "Pests and Diseases" forums you may get some idea of what you are dealing with. Many common pests like aphids and mealy bugs can be easily taken care of by spraying with...