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    I believe a true phobia means ones life is significantly impacted, affecting day to day living. I personally dislike asymmetry and fix it when I can, but that's not phobia and is extremely common. To label mine such would be to demean and diminish actual phobias.
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    Poor summer

    Lol. It's all relative I know, but "cool spell" in the same sentence as "80s and low 90's" sort of cracks me up. :D I'm a cold weather baby; anything over 70 is too hot for my comfort level and I am not kidding. I go outside in the snow barefoot and keep my winter thermostat at 62F. I deal with...
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    The 2017 Gardening Forums Sunflower Growing Competition!

    Congrats to all! This was fun to sunflowers peaked early this year and the birds had the blooms largely decimated by early August.
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    POTM September 2017 Winner

    Gorgeous photo!
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    Save dying pothos vine?

    Pothos are incredibly resilient. One good soaking once you got back would have sufficed; are you continually giving it water now? If so, stop and let it dry out, until the soil is completely dry.
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    Tomatoes and pole beans lifespan

    I'm guessing not much more than a year/two growing seasons.
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    Trying to rehab and identify a plant

    Definitely some type of philodendron. They don't like frequent watering and filtered light is perfect. In general they are hardy plants, as long as they get the right amount of water and no light extremes such as a lot of direct sunlight, or too little sunlight.
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    Seeking tips for planting a fall garden

    Are they getting enough warmth and light? Photos would help, if you can.
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    One ugly tomato.

    Depends on the variety I guess. My big German tomatoes can get pretty huge, but have an excellent sweet flavour. Not as acidic as, say, Romas so better for salads and such than cooking.
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    Filling in a shady lawn.

    Sure do, alp! It will be nice to see that area fill in next spring. :)
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    What did you do in your garden today?

    Watered my containers, it's been very dry and cool here. My lawn is turning brown!
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    Game of Thrones

    I feel like the only person on the planet who hasn't watched this. I don't even know what it's about, except I think post-apocalypse?
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    Filling in a shady lawn.

    Thanks! Easy enough, then, I'll just need to get a sturdy shade blend of seed. @Verdun mean fleece, as in from sheep? Not many sheep around here and I think my mastiff would eat fleece, no joke. What I see around here is people putting a layer of straw over new seeds to deter birds.
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    Why aren't bees or butterflies coming?

    I suspect JB is right about having a bunch of the same types of plants. Also, maybe proximity to their preferred type of habitat? I planted three large butterfly bushes a couple of years ago and have not seen a single butterfly! (Lots of bees in my garden though.) My neighbor one block away...