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    Can indoor plants kill?

    My grandmother used to tell me the same thing when I was a kid and I always brushed it off. We don't have a lot of plants indoors now but we did for a time and everyone seemed alright lol. I am planning on growing some plants indoors soon though so I hope we're all right about this or it's going...
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    Advice on balcony gardens

    I have always lived in a house with a huge garden - it's just the way my parents have always selected their houses. Sadly, I am planning on moving to a condo soon with my fiance and I have no idea how to even begin the process of planning a balcony garden. The unit we are getting gets great sun...
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    Growing from Seed vs Buying a Young Plant

    Every year my father-in-law and I have this discussion. This year I thought I would outsource it to a group that understands gardening and can hopefully give me/us some insight into the advantages and disadvantages of growing your plant from a seed or buying it as a young plant. Some background...
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    Indoor/Outdoor Container vs Outdoor Garden

    For the past two years or so, I have tried growing herbs in containers outdoors. I start them off indoors until it gets warmer out and then bring them outdoors permanently. Usually they do alright - sometimes having issues growing initially but they start to adjust quickly once brought outdoors...
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    Growing Fruit Trees in Containers

    My fiance and I have always discussed how much we would love to have fruit trees - but as I'm sure most of your understand, we simply do not have the space for it. I recently came across a post on Facebook that claimed that fruit trees can survive and flourish well in containers. Obviously I do...
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    Growing herbs indoors

    Thank you for the vote of confidence! :D I only have two south facing windows and neither of them are a good place for plants - that's why my main concern was the plant getting adequate lighting. However, I might be able to create something to allow the plant to sit nicely near the window lol. I...
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    Growing herbs indoors

    Thanks for the advice! I'm so glad I read this because my bf and I were talking about picking one up lol. The Canadian Tire I saw them at didn't have a display and now I know why. The lights don't look all too good and they look quite expensive to replace. I tried looking into it but the...
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    How do you garden organically?

    Is there a reason you avoid manure? I haven't used it yet because I don't want anything to attract more pests onto my crop. I have heard it's good and 'natural' but I don't know if I believe that entirely as it wouldn't be difficult to add something to the manure. As for the compost, I can see...
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    How do you garden organically?

    I don't necessarily 'feed the plant' either though lol. I rarely fertilize and don't spray anything on them in fear of it seeping into my system. My concern is that it being less harmful, doesn't completely dissolve the fact that it might be harmful. I try to feed the soil with organic compost...
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    How do you garden organically?

    I haven't tried using manure yet. I have a slight concern that it'll attract a lot of pests/animals to my garden, as I know some people who have had that issue before. I have been considering it though as I know it gives the plant a little boost. I have never used a single amendment. I think...
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    Garden in the back yard with dog?

    Jackslivi, I had the same concern you do when I moved into my current house. My puppy loves to explore, and it doesn't help that my garden is up against a fence that is shared with a neighbour that also has a dog, so my puppy always wants to get into my garden. I didn't have too big of an issue...
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    Composting in a small yard

    I have a similar issue at my house! I live in a basement and share the backyard with the people upstairs. It's hard to make choices about a whole yard when 4 people are making decisions. I also feel like just throwing out scraps is a waste, and would love to be able to save them! Lately, I've...
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    How do you garden organically?

    I've been speaking to a couple of friends lately about how they garden organically and it dawned on me that everyone seems to have a different preferred method, and although I love mine greatly, I think it's important to share ideas and experiences. We may be able to pick up a thing or two from...
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    Oooh brace yourselves, the cold is coming and the plants are dying :(

    Oooh brace yourselves, the cold is coming and the plants are dying :(
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    Growing herbs indoors

    Hey all! Wondering if anyone has tried growing herbs indoors? I had such a great time growing basil, thyme, rosemary and parsley in my garden this year that I am heavily considering growing some indoors - I love being able to use fresh herbs when I'm cooking! I have considered two options when...