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    Can a plant be a pet?

    It seems to be a better pet to me than a goldfish... lol. I've had mine for a while now and I wouldnt trade her in for any amount of silly dumb looking fish.
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    How to keep plants watered in your absence ?

    I've had these recommended to me by a friend and have been using them whenever I go away camping each year. I can vouch for these since they require no upkeep at all. You just buy the spikes and use a bottle that you have recycled. It works similar to a pet waterer. "A small and a large...
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    Found this fly eating plant...

    I have my little ones by a window that has plenty of sunlight. I really don't do much to it at all. Although they are in a large pot since these kinds of plants reproduce by growing others nearby. So I would suggest a big enough pot when they are older. I'd recommend a fairly good quality soil...
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    Smelly compost tea

    Does anyone know if compost tea is really worth it? I've been trying this for a while now and I seem to have mixed results. It's also like @DHB said it is rather smelly! What are you experiences with this? Any advice?
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    Rabbits I cant get rid of them [Heip]

    Yes like @Autumn_Hearthwitch said, in some places it may be illegal to kill them. However in some places, like Australia they are considered pests. So really make sure before you start hunting any of them. Also I have used traps to get rid of them. I set baited traps that have doors that fall...
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    Found this fly eating plant...

    Venus flytraps make great pets. I have one and my mom would often ask me to bring it with me when I go spend the weekend with her to help her with farming and weeding. I have several of them you see and she has housefly problems. So it works out beautifully. Contrary to what people might think...
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    Japanese Cherry blossoms

    My friends have sent me so much pictures and a video of these beautiful trees. Sakura blossoms are so beautiful in person, no picture or video can do it justice. It's so sad that they will be around for a short while. Last year I happened to be overseas during this time. In the small rural area...
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    Growing from Seed vs Buying a Young Plant

    We always choose to grow ours from seeds. There is a small circle of us that sometimes exchange seeds together. And whenever possible we try to keep it organic. Therefore we never buy plants already grown from places like costco. I have however gotten plants already sprouted from a friend who at...
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    Which herbs smell the best?

    Mint is my favorite herb of all. I cook with it, I make tea from it. I simply need it with me since it relaxes me. I also love the smell of rosemary.
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    Is... is it a periwinkle? I feel like that's what it looks like.And if it is periwinkle it IS poisonous. Those are used in chemotherapy keep it away from pets. Edit: Someone needs to confirm if it is a periwinkle, I'm not sure.
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    1/12 scale Hobbit House

    Omg, that is adorable! You must have a lot of dedication to do this and it certainly pays off. If I had this in my garden I'd always expect a little tiny person to be living in there.
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    Does anyone have a palm tree??

    Maybe give it some sun and provide much less water? Are the roots rotted? Your post was from friday, how is the plant doing now?
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    Hmm. my bad with that picture. Didn't. Also mine is a shade of blue but its just as mesmerizing to look at.
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    That's a beautiful plant you have there. I saw this pic and took a while wondering where I've seen this flower before. Then it hit me! My home computer's wallpaper has a picture of a flower that looks like this! Here it is: Really beautiful colors!
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    Exotic Angel Plant

    The name exotic angel isn't what I would expect to the from a plant! I do love the variegated colours if it! Does it make a good houseplant? I have never heard of it before and it looks like the smaller version of a large hedge bush we had when I was growing up. I remember this because I had to...