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    Anxiety and planning a garden

    Wife and I just purchased our first house. Prince Edward Island Canada. They tell me that anything will grow here. The native soil imo is interesting stuff! Its soft, red, consistent like its made of cake lol. No big rocks, drains well, very easy to dig. Our goal is to become "self sufficient"...
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    im trying to find a list of common favourite vegetables (the standards) but cant seem to track such a thing down. Is there one, or can we start one here? Like "veggie name" and what makes it popular, taste, growth rate, yield, hardieness etc?
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    A few gardening questions

    Lots of useful info here thanks! I do plan to start canning and drying to preserve. Im on Prince Edward Island, im told just about everything grows here. Its middle of October and still 10c with warm sun and plants growing. I was considering succession growing... Also im considering trying to...
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    A few gardening questions

    I like those squash ideas! Also the daikon radish idea! The potato thing makes sense, im living on Prince Edward Island and its the land of potatos here lol. Rhubard is good compost? Sounds like youre not a rhubarb fan?
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    A few gardening questions

    We just purchased our first home and plan to grow our own food next spring. I have a few questions to start with. I prefer heirloom vegetables but if were growing long term for two what are the pros and cons between heirloom and modern vegetables? Were aiming for, heavy yields, frost and...