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    Fussy Triostar help!

    It could be the shock from transplanting it. If you buy a plant and transport it home this is a lot of stress for the plant. Immediately re potting adds to this. I usually leave plants I buy for a few weeks so that they can settle in to the new environment before potting on. Make sure that the...
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    Avocado growing using toothpick method

    I've never had any luck with avocado. They just sit in the water and go mouldy. Hopefully you have more luck!
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    There’s weird growths on my chain of heart plants..

    The plant isn't dying, actually the opposite, new growth is forming. Do what @oneeye said and you'll have some new plants!
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    Tall shasta daisies

    Pruning won't do much good for the flowers and these plants naturally want to grow. I would suggest using a couple of stakes and some garden string to hold them up; although you might be fighting a loosing battle. Make sure that the plants get enough water and that theyre not going limp.
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    Planting ideas for garden UK

    Shouldn't be a problem. My advice - buy a smaller tree and cut it back in the spring. If the tree is too large you may damage it cutting down to the size you want. Make sure that your soil is well drained to avoid root rot.
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    Should I remove this ?

    In the UK I would advise pinching out the side shoots on vine tomatoes. You can tell them as they grow 45 degrees between a leaf shoot and the main stem. This diverts plant energy in to growing the fruit and not growing excess foliage. It also means that fruit will start to develop earlier and...
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    Planting ideas for garden UK

    Hi, When it comes to picking plants that look good and grow well together my advice is to visit RHS/ National trust gardens. People are employed full time and a lot of effort goes in to making the gardens look good. Usually there is information and names by each display so just note down what...
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    Apple Tree Seedling or weed?

    Hi, Apple seeds don't self pollinate so it is unlikely that planting a seed from your favourite tree will result in another of your favourite tree growing. It will most likely grow as a crab apple or other variety. If the tree is dying cuttings won't be good. It is best to take from healthy...