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    Drooping Plumeria

    Help!!!! I was out of town for a few days and the person who was supposed to water the garden, forgot to water the plumeria. It was without water for a couple of days, in the horrible Texas heat. Now it looks like this. I think it’s from lack of water. I watered it deeply. What are the...
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    Black on my sunflowers

    Great! Thank you so much. Should I just go ahead and cut off the infected leaves?
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    Black on my sunflowers

    Thank you!! I’ve had the sprinklers on recently so I’ll turn that section off. What are the odds of them getting better with less watering? Will the fungicide help or should I not even bother using it?
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    Black on my sunflowers

    Greetings from Texas, I’m new to growing sunflowers. My plants were doing great until recently. The leaves are tuning black/brown and starting to shrivel up. I got some copper fungicide thinking that will help but now I’m not too sure. Any help would be great. I don’t want to lose them.